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Meet the Artist

Carlye Jesch has held an affection for color since childhood.  This love was given the opportunity to be expressed on canvas as a young teenager, when her aunt first bought her a set of acrylic paints and introduced her to the lifelong friend of painting.  She painted intermittently for around fifteen years, and then in 2018 was able to set up her garage as an art studio. This space has given Carlye the ability to focus on her art with more time and intention.

Carlye describes what she does as play - playing with color, shape, and texture, while also exploring processes and techniques. Much of her early work would be considered mixed media, as she collected and used an assortment of found materials, such as tissue paper, candy wrappers, or even carpet samples.  Though she has moved to creating texture mainly from the paint itself and a variety of mediums, she still enjoys using other tools in addition to her brushes and palette knives.  Her art caddy always holds extra items, such as sponges, pieces of cardboard, and containers of dental floss. She creates her pieces over several sittings. As she builds the layers, she is intentional about what she is creating, while simultaneously appreciating the unknown potential of the piece. Carlye sees part of the joy of painting as allowing yourself to be surprised by a technique or process.

Carlye’s finished works often contain sharp lines, bold colors, and a variety of textures.  Though she describes her work as abstract, she enjoys mixing representational figures into her work, such as trees, flowers, or sailboats.  She loves growing as an artist, and hopes to have more opportunities to share her work with others.

About the Artist: Bio
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